Newsletter 12 Published

A special edition of our SAM newsletter was produced for the biannual African Scout conference in Harare, Zimbabwe in September 2018. The African Region continues to bear an estimated 90% of all malaria cases and deaths worldwide. Fifteen countries – all but one in sub-Saharan Africa – carry 80% of the global malaria burden. Clearly, if we are to get the global malaria response back on track, supporting the most heavily affected countries in the African Region must be the primary focus [WHO World Malaria Report 2017]

Over half the population at greatest risk from malaria in Africa still sleep unprotected by mosquito nets which cost about £2 – £3 each. So UK Scouts have joined the global partnership to fight malaria and the SAM initiative currently links UK Scouts with Scouts in 4 African countries – Uganda, Gambia, Ghana and Malawi.

Newsletter 12 focusing on Africa has now been published Click here to view