How the Scheme Works

What happens in the UK

  • Individuals, sections and/or groups complete the criteria for the challenge badge.
  • The completed application form is sent to Scouts Against Malaria along with the £5 for each badge required.
  • Scouts Against Malaria will post the requisite number of badges to the fundraisers.
  • The corresponding number of impregnated nets will be supplied to the African Scouts.
  • Once Scouts Against Malaria have been informed of where the nets have been distributed, the information will be uploaded to our News page so that fundraisers can keep track of their nets.

What happens in Africa

  • Local Scouts will receive nets and allocate them to individual homes.
  • Scouts will meet the family and teach them the importance of using the net and how to set it up correctly.
  • The Scouts will keep in contact with the families to ensure that the nets are maintained and used correctly.
  • Participating Scouts in Africa will earn the same badge as those in the UK.