Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai and the longer term health threat from malaria

Cyclone Idai hit the coast of Mozambique on March 14 and subsequently moved inland affecting parts of Zimbabwe and Malawi and drenching these areas with rain causing extreme flooding and affecting some millions of people. There will be both a short term and a longer term health effect.
In the short term Scouts in these Countries can help survivors physically to move to higher ground and render other assistance where possible and there is the danger of water borne diseases like cholera and typhoid. The longer term effect of such downpours will be pools of stagnant water which make ideal breeding grounds for the anopheles mosquitos which carry the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum.
What UK Scouts can therefore do is to increase their efforts to learn about the incidence of malaria, why bed nets will provide protection against these mosquitos and that by raising £5 per person, they too could save a life (and earn the SAM badge).
An even longer term concern is that this cyclone was the most severe to hit the Southern Hemisphere and this almost certainly due to global warming because of the difference between land and sea temperatures. So such devastating effects could occur much more frequently in future and not only in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rayner Mayer 23 March 2019

Resource box order form now available

We have developed a set of activities which can form the basis of one (or more) meetings of Scouts of any age range from Beavers through to Explorers and Network.  These activities can be down loaded from our SAM website where it is also possible to order a resource box containing almost all resources needed to organise such activities.

The resource box was for example used to organise activity evenings for each of the 1st Winchester Cub Packs.  Not only did the Cub Scouts learn something more about the disease and how it could be fought, but then they went on to raise in excess of £1000.

These funds were sent to the Malawi Scout Association who undertook a 3rd campaign in August 2018 to distribute long life impregnated bed nets.

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The global village

New activity

As part of the global programme zone, it is important to understand how our village, our town and our country compare with the 7.5 billion people living on this planet. In a recent book entitled If the World were a Village, its author David Smith envisages the whole world as a village of just 100 people.  In this imaginary village each person represents 75 million people from the world around us and the activity is to identify the characteristics of our global village and how Scouts might be able to help those who have to make do with less

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Sustainable development and SAM

Following the success of the Millenium Development Goals from 2000 to 2015, the United Nations agreed a new set of Sustainable Development Goals for the period 2016-2030 with the aim of ‘leaving no one behind’.  Unlike infectious diseases which are encountered in temperate climates and for which vaccines are available, no vaccine is currently available to protect against the introduction of the malaria parasite into the blood stream.  Thus combating malaria forms part of the healthy living goal and it is a initiative where Scouts have joined the global partnership as part of our activities within the global programme zone .

Full details can be found here

Malawi Project Report

Malawi is one of the many African countries within the Tropics which suffers severely from the incidence of malaria.  With funds raised by 1st Winchester Cub Packs, some 200 long life impregnated bed nets were distributed to vulnerable families in the Geisha and Khongoni areas.  But like all other campaigns to date there were insufficient nets to distribute to all the vulnerable families

A report from the Scout association of Malawi providing details of their project can be found here

Newsletter 12 Published

A special edition of our SAM newsletter was produced for the biannual African Scout conference in Harare, Zimbabwe in September 2018. The African Region continues to bear an estimated 90% of all malaria cases and deaths worldwide. Fifteen countries – all but one in sub-Saharan Africa – carry 80% of the global malaria burden. Clearly, if we are to get the global malaria response back on track, supporting the most heavily affected countries in the African Region must be the primary focus [WHO World Malaria Report 2017]

Over half the population at greatest risk from malaria in Africa still sleep unprotected by mosquito nets which cost about £2 – £3 each. So UK Scouts have joined the global partnership to fight malaria and the SAM initiative currently links UK Scouts with Scouts in 4 African countries – Uganda, Gambia, Ghana and Malawi.

Newsletter 12 focusing on Africa has now been published Click here to view

KIJ Launch

Launch of resource box at the Kent International Jamboree

5000 Scouts and Guides including 1000 from abroad attended the KIJ at the end of July at County Show ground , Maidstone, Kent.

The SAM activity pack and resource box was introduced to Scouts and leaders from countries including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Kenya, Uganda, Sierra Leone to name but a few.

The activity pack can now be downloaded from the SAM website (click here)

Display at the KIJ Maidstone, July 2017