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Mosquitoes Infestation Fundraiser

Fundraising for AGM

Mosquito dice game

Make a mosquito relay

Water based activities

Games for hot days

Malaria tag

Spread, prevention and treatment of malaria

Malaria madness mosquito race

Survive a day in the life of a mosquito

Pipe cleaner mosquitoes

Create your own mosquitoe

Facts about Malaria

What is malaria? Symptoms, effects, treatment and prevention

Snakes and ladders

Traditional game with a malaria theme

Travel to Africa

At the start of the meeting, physically traveling to Africa can add to the enjoyment of the evening and introduce the subject.

Mosquito tag

A variation on the popular game of tag to illustrate the spreading of malaria.

Mosquito Drive

 A cheap and easy fundraiser, perfect for kids but adults can have a lot of fun too


In this game the lion is stalking the impala

Malaria hoops

Learn about malaria and how it can be easily prevented.


A mamba is a big indigenous South African snake. There are green mambas and black mambas. Both are poisonous.

Doctor vs Disease

An active game, similar to Stuck in the Mud, with a health theme

Crossing Africa as an elephant

Elephants sometimes have to go on long journeys to find food andwater

Colouring Competition

Various sheets to colour in or draw your own

Malaria Handshake

Demonstrate disease transmission

Mud Hut moneybox

You can also make a Mud Hut or a Mud Hut moneybox by using a recycled container (Pringles mini tube, chocolate or cocoa powder box, cake decoration or baking soda box, etc) anything round that can easily be covered with coloured paper.


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