Campaigns to reduce incidence of Malaria


UK Scouts have established close links with Scouts in 4 countries in sub Saharan Africa .  These links which have included regular visits to Uganda, Gambia, Ghana and Malawi date back almost 30 years.  It was therefore desirable to strengthen these links by providing funds which could be used to purchase and distribute insecticide treated bed nets (ITN).


These Scout Associations have then discussed with their Departments of Heath where it would be most effective to distribute these nets.  Then working together with the local District health officer, it was possible to identify vulnerable families and to organise a meeting to discuss

  • How one can prevent being bitten

  • How bed nets should be erected and used

  • If bitten why it was important to visit the nearest clinic as soon as possible


Scouts have then distributed these nets, helped with erecting them inside their homes and explained how to use the nets correctly to prevent being bitten.  Subsequently local Scouts have assisted in detecting anyone with symptoms resulting from a mosquito bite and explain why it is so important to seek help at the nearest clinic

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5th and 6th Malaria campaign, Chikwawa, Malawi

Howie Maujo reports -

‘With the financial support of UK Scouts, Malawian Scouts have been able to supply disadvantaged families and individuals that include widows, children with physical challenges, orphans who were affected by the cyclone IDAI. The camp that was identified through the Health Structure and the District Commissioner was ISOCampin the District of Chikwawa.


Health assistants, local chiefs and community members helped in the identification of vulnerable groups and families that were to benefit from the distribution of the ITN.


However it was also made clearly that all recipients misusing the nets distributed will be taken to justice

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